February 5, 2009

The Letter S

Faith is hosting a Letter tag game, so I decided to play and she assigned me the Letter S.

1. Sons~ I have 2 sons: Dallas 23 & Jake 12

2. Spring~ Love the weather warming up and all the beautiful flowers and Easter.

3. Sister~ Pam

4. Sunday~ Church

5. Scrapbook~ All things paper

6. Stamps~ Rubber (I have a gazillion)!!p.s. Is that a word?

7. Shoes~ I have a ton!!!

8. Sweets~Just about everything favorite Dolly Madison white powdered little donuts.

9. Sonic~ Large Diet Coke with Easy Ice.

10. Soap-Net~ General Hospital at night....

Well that is my top 10 faves with the letter S.

Please Enjoy,

Tammy Lou


Pam said...

I won't tell you my first thought on a "S" word!!!!!! LOL

Anonymous said...

Tammy Lou,

If you come with the girls to Tulsa--there is a Sonic in our hotel parking lot and I promise you all the Dolly Madison powdered donuts you want in your room.

Is this bribery? Yes. If it works I do not care.


P.S. girl--send me your email addy I don't have it

Heidi @ Blue Eyed Blessings said...

Great list! I just did this on my blog with the letter G!