May 28, 2008


I always was a chubby kid (my sis, favorite saying, "Fatty Fatty Two by Four Couldn't Fit Through with The Bathroom Door),I have struggled my whole life with weight but I am ready to conquer this new part of my life, Last year I quit smoking and have put on 50 pounds since July 2007, so now I am 100 pounds overweight instead of 50 pounds...I have started a diet every Monday since I can't say how many times put it this way my hubby and sons know every Sunday late afternoon, I am going to say I am starting a diet Monday..I do good til around 11 am
then I have a chocolate donut, and I have blown it again so I will just wait til next Monday, but I have been praying that I can lose this knees and ankles are already starting to bother me...I have made it 3 whole days without cheating...yeah!!!! I would like any suggestions if anyone has any...and I would love to hear your weight loss story....

May 27, 2008

Memorial Day Review

This is a little recap of our camping weekend.....the first picture is my granddaughter Kaylee
she is mixing her own toenail polish color "mudpie brown" she says.....then the next picture is
the stringer of fish my hubby and fil caught everyday...down at the river where the guys were and I walked down Saturday afternoon and look at the would have thought my kids had seen the ocean...i was dreaming white, beautiful beaches ...(snap back to real life)....who would have thought you could have a dirty, brown sand beach in Ozark, kids buried each other and just had a ball....Sunday morning I got and went to a little church up the road from our camp "Webb City Baptist Church" it was a good service and the people was very friendly and made me feel welcome....At last please remember all the men and women who serve our country and that has lost their lives and also remember our loved ones we have lost.......................Have a good week

May 23, 2008

Finally Friday

We made it...Got the camper set up already had a pan of cast iron skillet of fried potatoes, hot dogs and fresh strawberry shortcake waiting on us...This is great.....Tomorrow I am going to get the ole camera out and take pictures of our day and post..Hope everyone gets to enjoy the holiday weekend....and please continuing praying for the Chapman family.....

May 22, 2008

Just touches of everyday life......

I have a Wednesday night ladies bible study at my church....We are currently doing the coffee cup bible study....It's called Cappuccino with Colossians and they are neat bible studies everything is in the one book....Sandra Glahn is the author and she made it simple your scriptures and everything you need to do you study on the go is in one little book..........Last night we were to be on week 2 but.......................but we giggled to much and had lots of stories to tell each other ...these ladies are sure great indulgence for me...........There is 7 faithful ones every week and a on occasion we get a new lady or two...........I just love these group of ladies ....we have a ball enjoying each other and studying God's word..........................Tonight we are going to get ready to go camping for the Memorial Day weekend hubby and son are itchn' to go fishin'...I am looking forward to Saturday and Sunday afternoon naps in the camper (turn the ac on high and get real cold oh!oh! that will be next to heaven :). Hope everyone has a great Thursday.............

May 21, 2008

Wordful Wednesday

I am thinking of all kinds of words that I can enjoy today
1. JOY
4. LAUGH (need to do more)
9. THANKFULNESSCheck Spelling

These were the words that came to mind this morning. My word for 2008 is JOY. I am praying f0r this everyday so that I am have and will take JOY in everything I do and say.......I am very new to this blogging...except for I have read been reading several blogs since around Christmas time my sister Pam had me waltz over to and check out the Christmas tour and I did and I was ever hooked............So now I have my own and will learn to start commenting on you guys and invite you over to mine.........I hope you will enjoy my family and my ramblings yes I love to ramble on and on