February 22, 2010

Thinking Day 2010

Whew we are exhausted been around the world yesterday (Sunday). This is Kaylee first year in Girl Scouts, she is a Daisy. Girl Scout had a Thinking Day outing our Troop went and we just had a super time: Our Passport we went to ARUBA, AUSTRALIA, CAMBODIA, CHILE, DENMARK, HONDURAS, ITALY, JAMAICA, JAPAN, KOREA, LATVIA, LIECHTENSTEIN, LITHUANIA, MADAGASCAR, MALAWI, NEW ZEALAND, PANAMA, PHILIPPINES, PORTUGAL, SINGAPORE, SPAIN, SWEDEN, TRINIDAD & TOBAGO, UNITED KINGDOM, VENEZUELA & ZIMBABWE.......A troop hosted a country then the girls brought dimes and as we went to each country they stamped our passports and we paid a dime and got a craft or a sampling of food or drink from that country was very interesting....

Our Troop 5734

Kaylee name written in China (cool).
Kaylee trying Faerie Bread from Australia...She really liked it we went to Australia about 4 times hahaha...Hope everyone has a great week!!!
Tammy Lou

February 4, 2010


I have a funny story to tell we were on our way to our local Mexican restaurant to eat tonight.
On the way here is a little bit of our conversations. Kids in back.
Jake: Getting his IPOD ready for us to hear Undertaker (WWE), Jake finds song.
Kaylee: Jake that is Lady Gaga
Me: I ask Kaylee do you know who Lady Gaga is.
Kaylee: No I don't but she sure does have FREAKY clothes.
Me: Yes she does sure dress kinda of scary.
Kaylee: Somebody needs to help her buy her clothes for her.
Jake: Kaylee you can.
Kaylee: Nan can. hahaha
I was just stunned that Kaylee (5yrsold) would even know who she was. She has been to cheer leading camp this week. She gets to cheer tomorrow night for Senior Girls Basketball I am so excited. I will try to post pictures.
Hope everyone stays dry....
Tammy Lou