May 9, 2010

Mother's Day 2010


Went to church with my mother and sister and her family, after church service we went and had lunch we tried a new mexican restaurant (well not really new but new to us and it was really good. My brother-n-law gave me and my mom a corasge for Mother's Day. He is so thoughtful. Thank you Scott. After we ate we came back to mom's for dessert she made a chocolate and lemon pie. Then after dessert we tried to do family pictures. The one above is my Mom, Sister (Pam aka Cocomama) and myself. Can you tell we look alike!!!

Pose my sister thought of kinda cool!!!!
My son Jake he is really growing up!!!He will be 14 soon!!!

Here comes trouble...............Kaylee just turned 6 fixing to graduate Kindergarten couple of weeks. She keeps us busy. I hope everyone had a good Mother's Day mine was good. Didn't get to see my oldest son or grandson but did text me Happy Mother's Day wishes. Happy Mother's Day.


Tammy Lou