December 25, 2009




Tammy Lou

November 26, 2009

Pilgrims and Indians

Thanksgiving in America
Many years ago some people called Pilgrims lived in England. They were not happy because their king would not let them go to the church of their choice. The Pilgrims left England and went to Holland. They did not like it there because the customs and language were so different. After a few years they decided to come to America.

The Pilgrims started with two boats, the MAYFLOWER and the SPEEDWELL. The SPEEDWELL soon started to leak and both boats had to turn back. The leak could not be fixed so some Pilgrims stayed in England and others crowded onto the MAYFLOWER,

This was a very difficult time for the Pilgrims. The food was largely meat that had been salted or dried, and hard, dry biscuits. They seldom built fires to cook or to keep warm because of the danger of burning the ship. Many people were seasick, Others were sick because they did not have fresh food to eat.

There were many storms and the waves pounded against the ship! This made the Pilgrims afraid! One happy thing did happen on the trip. A baby was born to the Hopkins family and his name was OCEANUS!!!!.

After 66 days they arrived in AMERICA. It was good to be on land. They had no houses to live in and had to stay on the MAYFLOWER while the men were building shelter.

The Pilgrims first winter was very difficult. There was little food and many of the Pilgrims got sick and died. The Indians were friendly and helped the Pilgrims. One of the Indians, Squanto, was a good friend of the Pilgrims. He knew how to speak English and he showed the Pilgrims how to do many things,

The next spring the Indians helped the Pilgrims plant their own crops. They grew well and were harvested in the Fall. Everyone was so thankful that Governor Bradford decided to invite the Indians to a huge feast. Chief Massasoit sent some of his braves hunting in the woods and they brought back deer and wild game. Their feast lasted for three days. This was the first THANKSGIVING in America.

I went to Kaylee's, Thanksgiving Parade and Lunch at school. The Kindergartener's dress up and do a parade for the First thru Sixth grade, and then the parents get to come and eat lunch with them. This was her class. I hope enjoyed the Thanksgiving Story .

Happy Thanksgiving and Blessings,

Tammy Lou

November 9, 2009

Marquee Monday

Well guys I didn't get a chance to do a local marquee today what am I thinking on a Monday!
I was very busy today but we can thank Flicker for all the free images. I hope you enjoy this tidbit for Marquee Monday (2 post back 2 back)haha!!
Tammy Lou

November 8, 2009

Something new is Coming!!!!

Now on Mondays...I am going to do my best to do a MARQUEE MONDAY now until first of year. I drive alot and really enjoy church marquees so come back tomorrow and see what our marquee will say..............................Good night all.


Tammy Lou

October 3, 2009

Pumpkin Patch

Lil Jon

Prankster (Always have got to have one) Ethan


I made my grand kids shirts for the pumpkin patch. Here they are they are 3, 4, 5 yrs old.
I bought the shirts and Halloween fabric at Hobby Lobby and I already had wonder under that stuff is awesome. I just cut my fonts out with my Cricut so easy just ironed them on their shirts and then I went around them with black fabric paint.. So easy and cute made Jake(my 13 yr old) and nieces and nephew 7, 9, 11. I hope they like them....We had a great time but I am wore slick out..(hahahha) being a grandma is hard work!!!!!

August 19, 2009

First Day of School (Kindergarten & 8th Grade)

Here's my 8Th grader, Jake he is totally into FOX racing this year!!!!!
He also wanted Wrangler jeans and Justin Lace-up Boots for his new school attire.

Here is Jakester and Kaylee Bug the Kindergartner!!!!!!!!!!!!All dressed up she was the only little girl in her class that had a hair bow. I have told her forever and ever that she would be famous in her kindergarten class for all her pretty hair bows!!!!!!!Her new saying now days is OMG!!
Look at that sweet face!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I will try to post more tomorrow I know I know its only been 2 months since my last post...I will try to do better I am starting to get the hang of Face book.. Have a great Thursday...
Tammy Lou

June 1, 2009

Take me out to the Ballgame

Where have I been not Blogging I see but I do try to read my fav blogs every couple of days.
I have been doing so much stuff, I don't even know where to start. Well lets see I have been working alot, T-Ball games (This way to much fun these little girls are too stinking cute), My sister and I had a great Weekend together couple of weeks ago we had a craft night and a quick trip to Joplin to shop and we made a haul :)

I got some Natural tickets from my vendor PEPSI (thanks Larry) We all went to the ball game Saturday night My family and my sis family we had a perfect weather and a awesome time together..Well I am going to leave it at this much for now But, I will be back not in 31 more days but a day or tooo, I won a craft it forward from Rhonda over at Down Memory Lane so I will be getting a surprise in the mail this week so I will post then it will be my turn to Craft it forward so get ready to comment this week..


Tammy Lou

April 21, 2009

We Wait

We Wait......................................... Blessings,

Tammy Lou

April 18, 2009

My New Toy

Look What I got tonight... I PhoneI am having fun with this ............Have a great Saturday night!!!!!!!!!!


Tammy Lou

April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

He has Risen. CELEBRATE...............................
Have a BLESSED Easter. I am very blessed to get to spend this day with my beautiful family after church services we will be going to my mama's for a wonderful lunch and hiding eggs in the house she also has a big covered front porch and a gargage so will being trying unique ways to hide the eggs for the little ones!!!!!!!!!!!!I hear Audrey Hepburn is coming to visit today. What a treat!!!!

Is this not the cutest picture ever this is my neice Colby!!!!!!!!!!!My sister is always doing and trying the cutest ideas and making memories with Colby....This is the BEST yet.
Tammy Lou

April 5, 2009

I am a official Mother-In-Law

My son Dallas went and eloped back in January...Here's my daughter-in-law...Sue AnnMy sister gave them a wonderful reception and wedding shower. They got alot of wonderful things. Sue Ann has a little boy so we now have 3 grand kids..Yikes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Here's the Groom and Bride and the little ones (Kaylee,Ethan, Lil Jon)..... Here's a pic of my new family!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will try to post more often I am so busy right now I am working 7 days a week. T-Ball, Awana, Church, 2 Committees, And the most important role LIFE......

Tammy Lou

March 18, 2009

March 8, 2009

Did You Remember

Did you remember to SPRING FORWARD last night? I didn't till this morning it was 6:30 a.m. no it was 7:30 a.m. I slept yeah!!!!

Everyone have a great Sunday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Have Joy,
Tammy Lou

February 28, 2009

And the AWARD goes to!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Thank you COCOMAMA for the award!!! I am so excited to receive my first blogging award!Ok now I have to do something and pass it on!
List 7 things that you love and then pass the award on to 7 people...tagging them and letting them know they won!
You can copy the picture of the award and put it on your sideboard letting the whole wide world know you are KReATIV!
Now I am going to TAG,
Have Fun,
Tammy Lou

February 23, 2009


Today over at All That is Good is hosting Friend Makin Monday this will be my 2ND Monday to join in on the fun I found her from Pam(my sis) CocoMama so I am excited so here I go:

The list this week is your top 10 FAVORITES...

1.TWILIGHT (I love Edward Cullen) "Real Men Sparkle" hehehe....

2. Anything Italian
3. Crafting (Altering, Scrapbooking, Rubber Stamps)

4. Anything "W"

5. Shoes and Purses (I am so looking forward to a Spring Pedicure and a new pair of YELLOW BOX FLIP-FLOPS my favvvvvvvvvvvvvorite) p.s. I treat myself to 1 new pair every spring.
6. Diet Coke (SONIC is my favorite place for it)
7. My Laptop with Wireless Internet
8. DVR

9. My Girl (I can play with all the BIG bows)

10. My Family!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And this is the MY FAVORITE OF ALL MY FAMILY!!!!!!!!!!

I hope you enjoy my FAVS.

Have Joy,

Tammy Lou

February 20, 2009

Finally Friday

Tonight was a stay in and have a making homemade pizza and cozing up and watching a movie, it was nice we didn't get to the movie but did get in a couple episodes of REBA (Season 5).....

Here is my finished product!!!!!!!!!!VERY PRETTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Made a quick trip to see the BOYS!!!!!!!!!!!!Ethan & Lil Jon

We have had a good week and I am still finding new items and from my flea marketinitis..I have it bad. I will try to post my treasures this weekend...Have a great Friday night with your family.
Have Joy,
Tammy Lou

February 16, 2009


Today over at All That is Good is hosting Friend Makin Monday this will be my 1st Monday to join in on the fun I found her from Pam(my sis) CocoMama so I am excited so here I go:

1. jog or walk: walk or tea: coffee in a pretty mug
3.pepsi or coco cola: Diet Coke!!!!
4.flats or heels: flats
5.fries or onion rings: fries
6.cats or dogs: neither
7.skim or whole: whole
8.small purses or large: large
9. van or suv: van
10. winter or summer: summer
11.1 piece bathing suit or 2: the new 2!!!!!!!!!!
12.sit down restaurant or fast food: sit down
13. McDonald's or Burger King: McDonald's
14.White Gold or Yellow: White
15. Fish or Chicken: Chicken
16. Edward or Jacob: EDWARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
17.Pizza or Burger: Both
18. apple or orange: Both
19. Spend or Save: I can spend faster than I can save...
20. 1 story or 2 story: 1 story

If you are joining in the fun all you have to do is copy and paste my 1-20 onto your site and then change my answers into your own (and of course the other things specified in the rules found here).Have fun and I can't wait to get to know everyone better..

Have Joy,

Tammy Lou

February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

I have had a wonderful V-Day just getting to stay home and get some overdue projects caught up..My son is moving and we helped just a little..while they finished up my sister and her family gave the kids a TV so they were here I made supper for everybody..we had a great time we are planning a big reception and shower I will give details later as they come available...

I hope everyone has a great Valentine's Day...I sure have my man has gotten lots of honey do's done......

Have Joy,

Tammy Lou

February 13, 2009


Are you Superstitious????????????

I am not really except for the black cat running across the road, you are not to drive past...I used to turn completely around and go a total different direction...My daddy was total sold on the logic as a kid we would always turn around a go a different direction..but as I get older the new remedy my hubby taught me was to roll the window down real fast and spit ( I know not real lady like but it does save alot of time and wear & tear on the car)

Well everyone have a great Friday the 13th...

I have been flea marketing this week and have found some real treasures, I have to get some batteries and will take some pics this weekend and share.....

Have Joy,

Tammy Lou

February 5, 2009

The Letter S

Faith is hosting a Letter tag game, so I decided to play and she assigned me the Letter S.

1. Sons~ I have 2 sons: Dallas 23 & Jake 12

2. Spring~ Love the weather warming up and all the beautiful flowers and Easter.

3. Sister~ Pam

4. Sunday~ Church

5. Scrapbook~ All things paper

6. Stamps~ Rubber (I have a gazillion)!!p.s. Is that a word?

7. Shoes~ I have a ton!!!

8. Sweets~Just about everything favorite Dolly Madison white powdered little donuts.

9. Sonic~ Large Diet Coke with Easy Ice.

10. Soap-Net~ General Hospital at night....

Well that is my top 10 faves with the letter S.

Please Enjoy,

Tammy Lou

January 30, 2009

Ice Storm 2009

We have had a terrible ice storm this week in NW Arkansas. Most of the entire area is with out power included us, Our electricity went off Tuesday morning around 11 a.m. and is still off went got our generator out and fired it up and we closed off our den so we had a small heater, one lamp, and TV, we were making it pretty good til we had not a had a hot meal or a hot shower since Monday so we packed up and came here..........We ate at Wendy's for supper and got to our hotel room and all had hot showers we felt like new a family....

We have been blessed that we are were not hurt or nor was our personal property but we sure don't realize how electricity, hot water , whipping up a hot meal so forth are so in tuned to our everyday existence.

Well I got to get up and get the kiddos around , we have to go to work. Please pray for all of the men and women who are working so hard to get NW Arkansas back to normal.

Have Joy,

Tammy Lou

January 27, 2009

We have a monogram Bug!!!!

My mom made me this purse for Christmas and I had it monogrammed.

She also made K this one and I had it mono too...
Bought this one for K on eBay for Valentine's for her party. As you can see its monogrammed too. Thanks Apey78.

My mom made K this dress, and I had it mono too.

My mom made this dress also, It is above all my favorite. I am blessed to have a mom that will and can make all the beautiful things I see...We are snowed or should I say Iced in and the electricity just went off. Please pray it comes back on quickly. But at least I can still finish this post(Laptop and Wireless Internet) except they just don't last.:(

Have a Warm Day,

Tammy Lou