May 28, 2008


I always was a chubby kid (my sis, favorite saying, "Fatty Fatty Two by Four Couldn't Fit Through with The Bathroom Door),I have struggled my whole life with weight but I am ready to conquer this new part of my life, Last year I quit smoking and have put on 50 pounds since July 2007, so now I am 100 pounds overweight instead of 50 pounds...I have started a diet every Monday since I can't say how many times put it this way my hubby and sons know every Sunday late afternoon, I am going to say I am starting a diet Monday..I do good til around 11 am
then I have a chocolate donut, and I have blown it again so I will just wait til next Monday, but I have been praying that I can lose this knees and ankles are already starting to bother me...I have made it 3 whole days without cheating...yeah!!!! I would like any suggestions if anyone has any...and I would love to hear your weight loss story....

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Pam said...

Keep it up, it might be slow at first but it will happen.