June 14, 2008

Quiet Saturday

My car the air conditioner is on the blink....I had a appointment Friday morning to have her looked at....they called her name and took her back and told me I could set in the waiting room I felt kinda like I was in the hospital with a loved one waiting results for something then about after 20 minutes the mechanic (aka the Surgeon) came walking up the long hallway he said I have bad news she's in bad shape a whole new air conditioner for the grand amount of $1200.oo I just about had a stroke...She's only worth about $3500.00 so it could be a long hot did I say long hot summer .......We went car looking today that is one job I do not care for looking for a good used car....We didn't make any head way I am not going to fret over it........Ethan (my grandson) is going to spend the night with us...We played in the pool this afternoon.....the I did the weekly Wal-Mart trip...then I brought home Sonic for the kids, Taco Bell for the hubby, and Chick-Fil-A for me...we had a pretty nice end to a good day....Everyone have a great day.

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