June 5, 2008


Here is my grandkidlits, Kaylee is 4 years old and Ethan is 2.5 years old. They have such different personalities....K is total drama queen she talks "whinese" quiet a bit....E is total all man's boy he loves his daddy's truck (Hon kin big dodge with big smoke stacks)....K and E are a true gems to have as grand kids....K lives with us full-time.....and we get to see E every other weekend.....Their pics are Easter 2008 and May 2008....Well i better go and get ready for bed I have a big birthday party for my son Jake he turned 12 this week...I will post his pic and blog about his party next...Have a blessed day

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Pam said...

Beautiful Children. I think they get it from their Auntie Pam. LOL