June 19, 2011

Summer Vacation

Summer Vacation this year is in Destin, Florida. We tried to get friends and family to come with us but everyone schedule didn't match ours. So we just decided to wing it ourselves. Here is what we get to enjoy for 7 days PURE MAGIC. I can see why everyone makes repeat trips to beach, there are no words to describe it beauty. My kids fell in love with the ocean the resort we are staying has 5 swimming pools they don't even want to swim in them just stay at beach.
Kaylee and I wrote our special to our Michael and all other dad's out there. We had to write it about 5 times the waves getting washing our message away!!!!

Jake is loving the riding the waves!!!

Kaylee is resting this is our second time to the beach today

we got smart brought our umbrella and helped our lobster red skin.

Here they are first time having to coax Kaylee-bug in the ocean but once she knew her boundaries you cant keep her out!!!!

Til next time,

Tammy Lou

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Pam said...

Thanks for getting the pics up. I am vacationing vicariously through your trip since I can picture it all in my head. Sure wish we were there with you. Hopefully next year and now you know why we went back so many times and still want to go back. Have fun and I will try not to call so much.
Love ya