November 26, 2009

Pilgrims and Indians

Thanksgiving in America
Many years ago some people called Pilgrims lived in England. They were not happy because their king would not let them go to the church of their choice. The Pilgrims left England and went to Holland. They did not like it there because the customs and language were so different. After a few years they decided to come to America.

The Pilgrims started with two boats, the MAYFLOWER and the SPEEDWELL. The SPEEDWELL soon started to leak and both boats had to turn back. The leak could not be fixed so some Pilgrims stayed in England and others crowded onto the MAYFLOWER,

This was a very difficult time for the Pilgrims. The food was largely meat that had been salted or dried, and hard, dry biscuits. They seldom built fires to cook or to keep warm because of the danger of burning the ship. Many people were seasick, Others were sick because they did not have fresh food to eat.

There were many storms and the waves pounded against the ship! This made the Pilgrims afraid! One happy thing did happen on the trip. A baby was born to the Hopkins family and his name was OCEANUS!!!!.

After 66 days they arrived in AMERICA. It was good to be on land. They had no houses to live in and had to stay on the MAYFLOWER while the men were building shelter.

The Pilgrims first winter was very difficult. There was little food and many of the Pilgrims got sick and died. The Indians were friendly and helped the Pilgrims. One of the Indians, Squanto, was a good friend of the Pilgrims. He knew how to speak English and he showed the Pilgrims how to do many things,

The next spring the Indians helped the Pilgrims plant their own crops. They grew well and were harvested in the Fall. Everyone was so thankful that Governor Bradford decided to invite the Indians to a huge feast. Chief Massasoit sent some of his braves hunting in the woods and they brought back deer and wild game. Their feast lasted for three days. This was the first THANKSGIVING in America.

I went to Kaylee's, Thanksgiving Parade and Lunch at school. The Kindergartener's dress up and do a parade for the First thru Sixth grade, and then the parents get to come and eat lunch with them. This was her class. I hope enjoyed the Thanksgiving Story .

Happy Thanksgiving and Blessings,

Tammy Lou

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