January 25, 2009

Super Sunday

Well I have had a house full of kids.......Dallas, Ethan,Jake,Kaylee all weekend since Friday night..They have ate, ate, ate, slept..ATE some more. We have had a really good time with them but goofy me did not take one picture. I have to get better at taking pictures. They grow up so fast. Ethan is talking like a big kid now even (cursing alot) SH**!oh SHOOT he says real quick. It amazes me how little kids talk with all of the vocabulary and just know when and what to say when they are talking to you....

I signed up for a Valentine Card Swap so I made my cards today. I was pretty pleased with them. I can't wait till I receive mine in the mail 20 or so that's going to be fun to work all day and get some pleasure out of the mailbox!!!!!!!!!!!

We have a busy week again,

K has tumbling

I have a hair appt

We have church on Wed

Hope everyone has a great week....

Have Joy,

Tammy Lou


Pam said...

You need to keep that camera out! Sounds like little E needs some vinegar on his tongue!
Love ya

4shepherds said...

Glad you all had a great weekend!! I keep checking to see the pictures of the dresses!! Hint hint!! LOL