December 15, 2008

Christmas Home Tour

Knock.Knock. Well who could that be? Knock.Knock. Well come on in I didn't know a soul was on the place. Welcome to my 1st Christmas Open House with BooMama..Have a seat and set awhile. I will put on a pot of Hazelnut Mocha flavored coffee. I hope you enjoy the tour....

This is my Christmas tree in the living room.
This is my Snowman collection. I have been collecting snowmen for several years...My mom made this snowman runner. She appliqued the snowmen and then did a stipple effect similar to hand quilting. This is one of the ornaments that I made this season. These are the beginning of a "W" wall.
This arrangement stays out all year long on my dining room table. It blends really well with my Christmas things.
Here's the big tree in our den, it's decorated with all my snowmen ornaments, kids ornaments (they get a new one every year) Lots of red and homespun touches to it.

Merry Christmas from the The Williams Klan


Pam said...

Very pretty! Now I want to come see your trees!

The Graves Gang said...

Enjoyed the tour

Boosalis Bloggle said...

You had company! I love your collection of snowmen. Thanks for inviting me into your home. Feel free to stop by my place.


Wonderwoman said...

Love the snowman collection and the trees! Thanks for sharing. Merry Christmas.

Jessica said...

Love the top of your tree!!

Andrea Tabor said...

Hey Tammy it's Andi and i have really really enjoyed reading this blog and seeing how my extended family is doing!! I love checking in on dal and the kiddos what can i say im a proud big sis and very proud aunt!! we are doing absolutely wonderful God has blessed us abundantly just living and loving life... I can't wait to get together and see everyone hopefully very soon.... love you guys! God Bless and Merry Christmas!!


ps. your decorations and trees are absolutely FAB!! love em