October 12, 2008

Busy Week

I hope everyone has had a great week!!I have been very busssssssssssssssssssssyyyyy...First of all..We finally got our house on the market so if you need a a nice house and 1 acre in Elkins call Margie at Remax for a look..I would like a neighbor that likes to rubber stamp!!!! Well I have a little story to tell, We had an extra refrigerator from the house we are selling, so my aunt decided she wanted to buy it for $200.00 so we loaded it up and headed to Forum, Arkansas
just about 1/2 mile from her driveway the snap broke out tumbled the fridge, my hubby said "Oh Sh??" about that time I looked in the rearview mirror and all I saw was sparks flying...Yep the fridge was in about 100 pieces...I just wanted to cry but, we just laughed at the situation and was thankful no-one was hurt....I worked to today so tonight my feet are hurting abit, I got up to go in the kitchen, I walk with a little bit of a limp at night my granddaughter Kaylee said "Nan, you need a pogo stick to help you walk!(What she meant was a walking cane)..Well I am getting to go on another work trip this week I will be going to Oklahoma City, OK. I am off to bed to read I started a new book "Twilight" by Stephanie Meyer. My son, Jake recommended it said all the teachers at school was reading the series.

Tammy Lou


Pam said...

I want to read that book when you are finished. Glad to see the computer going again.

The Graves Gang said...

Hey! Get someone to buy my house so I can buy yours!! Rubberstamping would take on a whole new meaning!! WHOO-WHOO!!!