September 22, 2008

Happy Birthday to my Son

My son turned 23 years old, Thursday September 18. We had a cookie and ice cream at my mom's this weekend. Here's the cookie, his fiance got, from the Great American Cookie Co. in the mall you just cannot compare this choc chip to any other...It's just too good also, Dallas has a souped up Dodge pickup with smoke staks so Liz got the 4x4 pickup on the cookie & also look real close in the cookie pic & you can see the black smoke coming from the staks...We are a little Redneck!!!
Here Dallas is taking Ethan a ride on the dirtbike. These kids love riding My mom has to go inside the house she can't watch Dallas riding them....Ethan calls the dirtbike, "Surtbike" 3 year old lingo he also says Ountain Dew for Mountain Dew.
Kaylee turn she's not as crazy about it as her brother is...Dallas and Ethan
Here's Ethan thinking or want to say Enough Nan!!!!!!!Happy Birthday Dallas !!!!!!!!!!

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