July 1, 2008

Catching Up

This is the first time I have had time to post, my computer has been at Best Buy for over week getting fixed so I got it back today....I have a week to catch up on every blog I love to read I am going to be a busy girl....hehehehehehe.....We have had a couple birthdays this past month my son, Jake turned 12 and my niece turned 8, time sure flies it just seems like yesterday my oldest son was just a toddler..he came over last night and spent the night and we were on the computer , he was setting next to me and I was chuckling to my self, my little boy is a pretty good size lad..it just seems as yesterday he was a baby..now he has 2 babies and he's 23 years old.....I had better get on another note...I work out tomorrow and I am on vacation until July 14....and I am so ready we are going camping this year for a week....I had better be getting ready for bed..Good Night Everyone Hope you have a Wonderful Wednesday............
Tammy Lou

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